Pennies From Heaven

This was made for a guild Challenge. We each picked a crayon from a paper bag, without looking, and had to use the color of the crayon. We could use any shades of that color and one other color, plus black and white if we wanted. My crayon was copper.

As I was thinking of ideas for my challenge, I was also learning how to do Shisha embroidery. I read that Shisha can be done with mirrors, large sequins, or coins. Coins! Pennies are copper!

From then on, the quilt practially made itself.


Bobbin Quilting

I used Ricky Tims Razzle Dazzle thread by Superior in the bobbin and quilted the thick shiny copper lines between the "raindrops" with the quilt upside down on my machine.

To mark where I wanted the stitching (since the quilting would be done from the back side), I first quilted lines on the front with Superior's Bottom Line thread. It's fine and practically invisible here. Then I flipped the quilt over and used those quilting lines as guides for where I wanted the fancy Razzle Dazzle to go.



I used the free motion couching foot on my Bernina to stitch down some matching 2 mm cord in the border.



I used pennies for the center of each embroidery. I cleaned them and covered with clear nail polish so they wouldn't tarnish. 

The Shisha hand stitching was done with Ricky Tims Razzle Dazzle thread by Superior. It was a little tricky to use by hand, but I wanted that bold sparkle!


This little quilt was made for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. My friend Harriet won the auction, so it lives with her now! The black lines of the lettering are made with fusible black bias tape.


I used Paillettes (huge sequins) for the center of each embroidery. I found them on etsy:

Paillettes on Etsy

Shisha Joy

I made this teeny wall hanging design to share with WVU Campus Quilters as a first try at Shisha Embroidery.


I used a Paillette (huge sequin) for the center of the embroidery. I found them on etsy:


Here's the back. It can hang from one nail, by slipping a chopstich, dowel or pencil under the traingles.

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