About Me


I grew up with quilts …

made by my grandmother Erma. I'm still inspired by her bright beautiful sense of color, and remember loving her hand quilted feathers as a child. In 1986 I started my quilting adventure.


I already had more quilts than beds …

so, I didn't feel a need to make more. Thanks to my good friend Jeanne for taking me to my first guild meeting.

This was my first quilted project (after my guild nametag). It was a pattern in Quiltmaker magazine and wasn't as challenging as it looks. I was hooked.


I spent the first 15 years of my quilting life following others' patterns and learning techniques like matching points, etc, and then along came Mary Lou …

I never thought I could create original patterns. I hadn't felt like an artist since grade school. Then, Mary Lou Weidman introduced me to a world of possibilities and my creativity has been soaring since.


And then along came Ami and a dream came true …

when Ami Simms asked me to create a pattern using her cup fabric. I got to see my first original pattern hanging in a quilt shop!

"What's in Your Cup?" pattern available here.