Terry’s Tips


Here is a link to my Fast Finish technique as shown on amisimms.com. (It is shown there with a single fold binding but can be used with a double fold also.) It is a quick way to add a different kind of hanging “sleeve” to the quilt and attach a label with NO HAND SEWING! Enjoy.

Click HERE to link to Ami’s photos of my Fast Finish technique.


Here’s the back of a quilt using this fast finish technique. The top triangles are the hanging “sleeve” and the bottom triangles are the labels. Click photo for a close-up. Go to my WALLHANGINGS page to see the front of this quilt.

(The back of this little quilt is famous now - it appeared in the November 2006 issue of Quilter’s Newsletter magazine!)

Click HERE to download a pdf file with directions for my Fast Finish technique.Tips_files/fastfinish.pdf
Click HERE for directions for my Magic Strip Binding technique.MagicStripBinding.html

I’m on a mission to teach every quilter I can how to make a great hanging sleeve! If you follow the directions on my handout, your quilts will hang flatter and those hanging your quilt for a show will be grateful.

Click HERE to download a pdf file with directions for making a great Hanging Sleeve.Tips_files/HangingSleeve.pdf